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Merle Haggard : Untamed Hawk: The Early Recordings Of Merle Haggard (5xCD, Comp)

Merle Haggard - Untamed Hawk: The Early Recordings Of Merle Haggard (5xCD, Comp)

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fine looking set


5-CD box (LP-size) with 52-page book, 133 tracks. Playing time approx. 343 mns.
"In 1962 Merle Haggard cut his first session for Tally Records and set about defining his personal vision of country music. It was radically opposed to what was coming out of Nashville then, but it laid the foundation for half of what comes out of Nashville now. Here are Merle's complete recordings for Tally and Capitol from 1962 to 1968 (except the Jimmie Rodgers tribute available separately, on Bear Family BCD 15740). The classic early hits are here, like 'Strangers', 'Swinging Doors', 'The Bottle Let Me Down', 'I Threw Away The Rose', 'Branded Man', 'Sing Me Back Home', 'Lonesome Fugitive', and 'Mama Tried', but the importance of this set is that it shows Merle's developing artistry in the album tracks, abandoned cuts, and rare singles. Other sets skim the surface; this one tells the complete story."


Media Condition:  Very Good Plus (VG+)
Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
Country:    Germany  
Genre:       Folk World & Country
Style:         Country, Honky Tonk


Track listing:

1-1. Sing A Sad Song
1-2. You Don't Even Try
1-3. Life In Prison (False Start)
1-4. Life In Prison
1-5. You Don't Have Far To Go
1-6. Sam Hill
1-7. Sam Hill
1-8. Please Mr. DJ
1-9. I'd Trade All My Tomorrows
1-10. (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers
1-11. Slowly But Surely
1-12. Just Between The Two Of Us
1-13. So Much For Me So Much For You
1-14. Falling For You
1-15. I Wanta Live Again
1-16. A House Without Love Is Not A Home
1-17. Walking The Floor Over You
1-18. The Worst Is Yet To Come
1-19. Piedras Negras (Go Home)
1-20. Singin' My Heart Out
1-21. Skid Row
1-22. Falling For You (Without String Overdub)
1-23. I'd Trade All My Tomorrows (Without String Overdub)
1-24. If I Had Left It Up To You
1-25. I'm Gonna Break Every Heart I Can
1-26. Stranger In My Arms
1-27. If I Could Be Him
1-28. Shade Tree (Fix-It-Man)
1-29. This Town's Not Big Enough
2-1. I'll Take A Chance
2-2. Our Hearts Are Holding Hands
2-3. Too Used To Being With You
2-4. That Makes Two Of Us
2-5. Forever And Ever
2-6. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
2-7. Swinging Doors
2-8. Swinging Doors (Alt)
2-9. The Girl Turned Ripe
2-10. I Threw Away The Rose
2-11. The Fugitive
2-12. Loneliness Is Eating Me Alive
2-13. Someone Told My Story
2-14. I Threw Away The Rose
2-15. Hang Up My Gloves
2-16. The Longer You Wait
2-17. The Bottle Let Me Down
2-18. I Can't Stand Me
2-19. Someone Else You've Known
2-20. High On A Hilltop
2-21. I'll Look Over You
2-22. No More You And Me
2-23. Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart
2-24. I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
2-25. Life In Prison
2-26. House Of Memories
2-27. All Of Me Belongs To You
3-1. Mary's Mine
3-2. If You Want To Be My Woman
3-3. Someone Told My Story
3-4. Piedras Negras (Go Home)
3-5. Whatever Happened To Me
3-6. Loneliness Is Eating Me Alive
3-7. Skid Row
3-8. Drink Up And Be Somebody
3-9. Gone Crazy
3-10. I Threw Away The Rose
3-11. Some Of Us Never Learn
3-12. Branded Man
3-13. You Don't Have Very Far To Go
3-14. Wine Take Me Away
3-15. If You See My Baby
3-16. Somewhere Between
3-17. Don't Get Married
3-18. My Hand Are Tied
3-19. I Made The Prison Band
3-20. Look Over Me
3-21. Long Black Limousine
3-22. I'll Leave The Bottle On The Bar
3-23. Sing Me Back Home
3-24. The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp
3-25. Seeing Eye Dog
3-26. Will You Visit Me On Sundays
3-27. Home Is Where A Kid Grows Up
4-1. Where Does The Good Times Go
4-2. Good Times
4-3. News Breaks
4-4. My Past Is Present
4-5. Mom And Dad's Waltz
4-6. My Ramona
4-7. Because You Can't Be Mine
4-8. The Train Never Stops
4-9. You Still Have A Place In My Heart
4-10. Money Tree
4-11. A Picture From Two Sides Of Life
4-12. The Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde
4-13. I Started Loving You Again
4-14. Love Has A Mind Of Its Own
4-15. Fool's Castle
4-16. Is This The Beginning Of The End?
4-17. The Sunny Side Of My Life
4-18. Run 'Em Off
4-19. I'll Always Know
4-20. You'll Never Love Me Now
4-21. Mama Tried
4-22. In The Good Old Days (When Time Were Bad)
4-23. Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
4-24. Teach Me To Forget
4-25. Lookin' For My Mind (Takes 1-2)
4-26. Lookin' For My Mind (Takes 3-5)
4-27. Lookin' For My Mind (Take 6)
5-1. Green Green Grass Of Home
5-2. I Could Have Gone Right
5-3. The Day The Rains Came
5-4. I Think We're Livin' In The Good Old Days
5-5. Somewhere On Skid Row
5-6. Who Do I Know In Dallas
5-7. Folsom Prison Blues
5-8. Too Many Bridges To Cross Over
5-9. You're Not Home Yet
5-10. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am
5-11. I Just Want To Look At You One More Time
5-12. I'm Bringin' Home Good News
5-13. Keep Me From Cryin' Today
5-14. I Can't Hold Myself In Line
5-15. I'm Free
5-16. It Meant Goodbye To Me When You Said Hello To Him
5-17. Who'll Buy The Wine
5-18. She Thinks I Still Care
5-19. What's Wrong With Stayin' Home
5-20. When No Flowers Grow
5-21. Every Fool Has A Rainbow
5-22. Hungry Eyes
5-23. Silver Wings



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