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Tailgators - Live In '85 (CD)

Tailgators - Live In '85 (CD)

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'Tail Gators Live in '85' CD with *7* bonus tracks

In November, Tail Gators founder Don Leady released a limited edition LP featuring 10 tracks from his archive that were recorded on the Tail Gators' first major tour in 1985. This is the band's first live album.

Due to requests from fans, Don will release a CD of the live recordings on the LP plus *7* bonus tracks.
The 'Tail Gators Live in '85' CD will be released on February 9, with pre-orders available online February 1 exclusively through Antone's Record Shop. 

There will be an in-person Tail Gators CD release and Mardi Gras party on February 13 at 6:00PM here in the shop!
'Tail Gators Live in '85' is the band at their legendary wild, virtuosic, and spontaneous best. A sonic time machine, their unmistakable one of a kind sound is captured here with all the savage energy and with no overdubs.

Don Leady-vocals, guitar
Keith Ferguson-bass
Gary Mudcat Smith-drums, backing vocals

Tracks on the CD:

1. They call me rockin’
2. Brown Eyed Girl
3. Thinkin' About You
4. Yard Dog
5. Wildcat Tamer
6. Sea of Love 
7. Pick Up The Deck
8. Jungle Rock
9.  Ain’t I’m A Dog/Hold It
10. Ramrod
11. Promised Land
12. Crawfishin'
13. Sleepwalk
14. Secret Weapon
15. Moon Twist
16. Tore Up
17. Rock N’ Roll Till The Cows Come Home